Semi Permanent Make-Up / Micropigmentation

Ms. Sarah Selvaggi – Semi Permanent Make-Up Artist



C.I.B.T.A.C (cred), B.A.B.T.A.C, I.H.B.C


SEMI-PERMANENT Make-Up Artist (Dip) (Holland)

MASTER ADVANCE TECHNIQUES (Dip)(Holland)(Nouveau Contour)


Price List:


Hairstroke Brows/Nano brows- Session

Hairstroke simulation technique giving beautiful, clear and  crisp hairstrokes


Price: €300


Ombre Brows or Powder Brows- Session

They give a natural ,powdery, soft  finish to look like  natural ,soft make up filled brows

Ombre brows create soft, light ,not harsh and airy fronts with the gradient from light to dark


Price: €310



Lip Blush -Session

  • Semi Permanent cosmetic tattoo that can last up to  1 to 4 years
  • Gives beautiful colour to the lips
  • The colour is chosen depending on the natural lip colour and the lips undertones whether they are dark or light
  • Gives a beautiful crisp lip line contour and definition to the lips while blended with shading of pigment
  • Can correct uneven lips and give a contour when it is not visible
  • Can neutralise  dark lips and give warmth to the lips


Price: €310



Eyeliner -Session

Ideal if you

  • You are someone who does not know how to achieve beautiful natural  eyeliner, or you do not have time every morning to apply eyeliner, or simply can’t stay without eyeliner
  • Struggle with symmetry in your eyeliner
  • Have very sensitive eyes or suffer from allergies  and you can’t wear daily traditional make up  then eyeliner cosmetic tattoo can be a great solution for you


Price: €300



Lash Enhancement-Session

The pigment is implanted in between the lashes to give the illusion of fuller thicker blacker lashes


Price: €260



Touch ups /Perfecting sessions

All services are a twostep process  ,therefore touch ups are to be completed between 4 to 6 weeks  to achieve the best healed results possible


  • Ombre/Powder Brows  €60
  • Hairstrokes Brows €60
  • Lip Blush €80
  • Eyeliner €60
  • Lash Enhancement liner €60



12 to 18 months touch up

Annual touch ups to freshen your colour and make any adjustments needed

depending on the area.


Price: €160/€210