Contraceptive Services Clinic

An out-patient clinic to be held on Tuesday afternoons at Remedies Pharmacy, Campus Hub.

To provide advice, guidance and counselling re all the contraceptive methods available and suitable for the individual woman. To help the client choose a safe and appropriate method which suits her needs and her life-style. This would take into account her age, parity, any medical conditions, any medications, her stage in life and of course her personal preferences.

Additionally, the clinic would offer follow-up consultations for women already on a particular contraceptive method, with regular review and optimization of contraception according to changes in health, medication, age, safety profile and overall requirements.

Through a consultation at the clinic, a client can access initial advice and guidance, can be given a prescription for various contraceptive methods, can have contraceptive devices inserted or removed, and can have follow-up appointments checking for correct device placement or for presence of any side-effects or for annual review and renewal of prescriptions.

All contraceptive methods are available for purchase from Remedies Pharmacy, Campus Hub.

Contraceptive Services are provided by a Consultant Gynaecologist who has much experience and a special interest in this field.


Dr Michele Montanaro Gauci

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultant