Migraine & Headache Clinic

When headaches kick in, they can make you feel helpless and unproductive.

But are all headaches the same? Can some headaches be treated? What if the headache you get at the office is originating from your neck? What if it is coming from the way you sit? Or maybe it is due to your diet ? Have you heard of coffee withdrawal over the weekend? Not all headaches are serious and life threatening, but some of them are! Do you know which type is yours?

At the Remedies Headache Clinic our team of professionals can help find out the cause of your headaches. If a treatment is available, this could be the first step towards get rid of your headaches permanently.


This service is offered by Dr. Carlo Conti. Dr Carlo Conti attends clinics at Remedies Mellieha and Remedies Msida.