Covid-19 Testing: Rapid Antigen, PCR & Antibody (Immunity)

At Remedies we offer:
– Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test at €35 (Results in 15 minutes)
– PCR Test at €130 (Results within 24 hours – available exclusively at Remedies B’Kara)
– Antibody Immunity Test at €75 (Results in 7 minutes – available exclusively at Remedies B’Kara & Ta’ Xbiex)

We have 4 certified testing centers offering tests for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). These include:

Remedies B’Kara –23976600
Remedies Ta’ Xbiex –23976650
Remedies Siggiewi – 21460828
Remedies Hamrun – 23976670

All testing will be performed by a Healthcare Professional.

The Covid-19 Antibody Immunity Test is available at Remedies B’Kara and Ta’ Xbiex.

Find out about your Covid Immunity Profile so you can make informed decisions.

The test will tell you:
⚆ The level and type of antibodies you have developed as a result of vaccination or booster and, if relevant, from natural infection.
⚆ How long your immunity is likely to last in the future.

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